What we do


Our primary mission is to rescue the sick and the homeless, the lost and the forgotten, the countless destitute who wander the streets and railway stations of Mumbai and its suburbs. At our ashram, we provide them shelter, food, medical care, education and most of all - love. However, we do not restrict ourselves to just providing them a good quality of life, but take great effort towards finding their loved ones and reuniting them with their family.

The following steps outline the lifecycle of our Rescue & Reunite mission.


We rescue the destitute from the streets and railway stations of and bring them to our Ashram. They include the young and old, men and women, boys and girls who wander helplessly. We get them through our visits to the railway stations and streets, and also through referrals from the police, hospitals, NGOs and well-wishers.


Most people are terribly sick while they are brought in. Some of them are HIV+, some others suffer from ailments like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Anaemia, etc. Some are mentally retarded, while some have parts of their body rotting away with maggots on them. Our first and foremost priority for a new resident is to rehabilitate them by providing the necessary medical care and get them back on the road to recovery. Many sick people’s lives have changed drastically for the better, and the numerous are an outstanding testimony to God’s love and mercy.

At the Ashram, we provide shelter, food, love and fellowship. Young children are given education in our God’s Valley Mission School, while healthy active adults help with daily chores at the ashram and help to look after other sick or aged residents. We all live together as one big family - coming together for prayer in the evenings, watching cricket matches together, children playing outside, and with every resident calling the founders (Ps. Philip & Ps. Biju) – PAPPA !


While its a blessing to have our residents staying at the ashram, we try hard to find their families and get them reunited with their loved ones. We use whatever information the resident remembers about the home address and phone numbers to contact their relatives and inform them about our resident. At times, we have personally visited their villages searching for their relatives. If successful in our attempts, what follows is a joyous reunification of the resident with his/her family, and the resident moves on stay with their family. Unfortunately, sometimes, the destitutes who are brought in with critical ailments pass despite our every attempt to recover their health. We ensure that these residents are well taken care of till their very last breath, and are given a respectable funeral.

This process of restoration is at the core of SEAL’s mission and purpose – to rescue and reunite the helpless and the homeless, and to give them another shot at life!


At God’s Valley Mission School, we strive to provide good education to our children, to prepare them to face the world and groom them into educated, responsible citizens of our country. Since many of our children suffer from different ailments, we are unable to enroll them to a regular school.

And, hence the need for an in-house school. In our earlier days, the school was operated in the ladies wing of the Ashram, and we longed and prayed for a school building. By the grace of the Almighty, we opened our God’s Valley Mission School on 30th September, 2008. The school currently has over 70 students, all of them being residents of our Ashram. We are currently following the Maharashtra State Board curriculum, and have classes from Nursery to the 4th Standard.


We provide the following medical care in-house:
  • First – Aid
  • Follow-up medical care for patients discharged from hospital
  • Administering ART for HIV+ patients and AKT for TB patients regularly. These are provided freely by the government.
  • Fortnightly visits by a Psychiatrist to see patients and prescribe medicines.
  • 24x7 Ambulance on standby to take patients with serious ailments to the hospital.