Dear Residents of Suriyat Building,


You all must be knowing that a very old man was literally dumped on the footpath in front of our Suryagayatri building on the night of 22nd July by some unknown person.

This old man could not speak; he was shivering, he could not walk, did not have food to eat. He was hungry. Our security guards took care of him by giving him water, biscuits, dal, etc. Some of our building residents also turned up. We tried our best to trace his relatives but in vain. Our secretary also tried his best.


Police was informed, they sent an ambulance but they did not take him as he was still alive. That’s pathetic.


Then one of the members traced the NGO called SEAL (Social and Evangelical Association for Love) in New Panvel. Pastor K M Philip who is heading the organisation is a very kind-hearted and dedicated soldier of God. (I cannot find a better word to introduce him). We called him on 23rd night at 11 pm. He was here next morning at 7.00 am sharp. My throat choked on happiness looking at how Pastor… lovingly and caringly took the old man into the ambulance and thanked us for giving him an opportunity to serve.


That’s touching…


God has given us plenty. The only way of expressing our gratitude to him is by lending our helping hand to the poor. I am planning to visit SEAL one of these Sundays. If anyone is interested to accompany me, please do try.


All the best

Rajeevan P. V., Resident - Suryagayatri, Sector6, New Panvel. Date : 30th July 2010

Thank you for giving me this privileged opportunity to facilitate you on your 10th anniversary.


 Your tireless efforts to wipe the tears of anguish and agony from the eyes of the roadside destitute and underprivileged in your noble pursuit of being good Samaritans in a fast-paced city where people are pre-occupied with pursuit of materialism and accumulation of wealth points you out as the conscience of the society.


 May God strengthen and enable you to continue being His instruments of re-building and restoring seemingly wasted lives.

Dr. Abraham Mathai - Vice Chairman, State Minorities Commission, Government of Maharashtra. Date : 12 November 2009

I am pleased to know that the Social and Evangelical Association for Love (SEAL) is organising a Charity Festival on 22nd November 2009 in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.


It is gratifying to know that SEAL is serving as a home for the destitute, dying and abandoned people on the road and railway platform. I am particularly happy to note that through its ministry, SEAL has reunited people with their families and changed the lives of many other for the better. Service to the poor and diseased is service to God and therefore needs to be sustained with dedication and commitment.


I congratulate the Social and Evangelical Association for Love (SEAL) for its commendable work and convey my best wishes to all those associated with the organisation in their noble work. My best wishes for the success of SEAL Charity Festival 2009

S. C. Jamir - Governor of Maharashtra. Raj Bhavan, Mumbai -400035, Date : 11 November 2009