Success Stories

The Story of Sagar

Sagar was rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Hailing from West Bengal, he followed his friend to Mumbai looking for a job. After working in a factory for many months, he lost his mental stability and started wandering on the streets.

In his mentally unstable condition, he began to enter houses thinking its his own and landed in fights. In an unfortunate squabble, he was stabbed in the back causing a deep wound. Sagar continued his life on the streets, and maggots were thriving on his wound when he was rescued by SEAL. With regular care at SEAL, Sagar’s wounds healed and he regained his health. Even more miraculous, Sagar regained his mental balance and grew to be a happy and contributing healthy resident at SEAL. SEAL sent letters to the village he came from and finally established contact with his family. His father and brothers were delighted to be reunited with their lost one and took him back home after many years.

Salavva’s Reunification

Mrs. Salavva Sailoo was referred to us by Panvel Taluka Police when she was found roaming aimlessly in Panvel. She was brought to SEAL Ashram with wounded legs and swelling all across her body. She was suffering from severe diarrhea and also seemed to be mentally unstable.

We immediately took Salavva to MGM medical college but there was not much change in her physical condition as well as her mental illness even after a few weeks of treatment. We brought her back to the Ashram but she was still not responding to our questions of her whereabouts or family.

But suddenly, after about a month, she approached Pastor Philip and surprisingly gave all the information about her house and family. We were very excited and immediately contacted Kamareddi Police. We were told that there was a missing complaint registered with respect to Salavva as she was missing since 6th June 2016. We are thankful to Telangana Police for their prompt action on our enquiry. We then arranged Video calls to their family and a Police Constable Mr. Nayeem, her husband Mr. Sailoo and sister came to receive her on 9th September 2016. This was our 284th reunification.

Like Salavva SEAL has succeeded in the reunification of many people back to their homes in different parts of Andhra Pradesh during last 19 years.

Salima Tamboli Rescued

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?”

Panvel Police referred Ms. Salima Tamboli to Seal Ashram when they found her on the streets, mentally unstable and around 6 months pregnant. She told us that she is from Pimple Village in Maharashtra and that her mother brought her to Mumbai to abandon her as she was to become an unwed mother. Salima was admitted to Terna Medical College for treatment and brought to Seal Ashram.

Around a month later, at 3.00 am one night, Salima had to be rushed to MGM Medical College with severe stomach pain and heavy bleeding. But at 5.00 am on August 6th she delivered a beautiful baby girl, athough a bit pre-mature. Since there was no electricity for past 19 days at the Ashram, Pastor Philip decided to name her JYOTHIS. She was only 2.1 kg when she was born. Her mother is not in a position to breast feed her due to her mental illness. Everybody in SEAL are very excited on the arrival of this new bundle of joy that we all believe is a Gift from God.

We are thankful to God the Almighty for Jyothis and we are treating Salima for her good mental health.

The Rehabilitation of Subash Pawar

Subhash was lying in a pool of blood in the ST Bus Depot, Panvel. He was brought to SEAL wrapped in plastic as blood and worms were dripping down from both his legs. No one could withstand the foul smell emitted from his wound. We had to spend hours to clean his wounds and had to amputate seven of his fingers. After hours of cleaning, shaving, bath and dressing his wounds, we took him to the nearest Medical College for further treatment. After examining him the doctors informed us his both legs should be amputated above the knee. Then something went wrong next day, we found him on the veranda of hospital without any proper care. I immediately informed our staff to bring him back to SEAL, where we have treated him within our limited capacity and by God’s grace today he is in good health, walking on his both legs. Though he has relatives, he went home but returned to SEAL to help us in our work to serve many others like him.