Our Trustees


Pastor K.M. Philip is the founder of SEAL Ashram. He was born to the world for the upliftment of the fellow needy one.

After his schooling, he joined the Seminary in Kerala where he graduated in Bachelor of Theology under Serampur University, Calcutta. Prior to his Seminary Studies, he had ventured his potential as a Teacher in the North Eastern State of Mizoram for two years. Wherever he studied, he was always ready to extend himself selflessly to the service of mankind.

At many occasions even before starting the SEAL Ashram he had extended his hand of help to individuals and institutions by donating blood, by conducting medical camps and seminars. At certain times, he also gathered a group of youngsters and started to physically repair the roads of Kerala.

The turning point in his life came after an incident he encountered in 1989 while traveling from Kerala to Mizoram. He saw a man covered with mud and almost naked at a railway station. The man was fighting with street dogs to find a piece of bread from the dustbin. Pr. Philip was so deeply moved, that he wished, one day he could be of some help to people like these.

Eight years later, in the year 1997, Philip was on a visit to Mumbai. The scene of the Mumbai streets, filled with sick, vagabond and destitute people, brought tears to his eyes and he thought of rending a helping hand to these hapless people. In November 15, 1999 he started SEAL Ashram, a registered charitable trust, taking a 9 month old HIV baby boy into its care. Since then, SEAL Ashram has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of persons who would otherwise have been left to die on the streets of Mumbai.

Pr. Philip is currently actively involved in the operations of the Trust.


Pastor Biju Samuel is the Associate Director of SEAL Ashram.

He has completed his studies in Kerala. After that he has taken BTh degree from Serampur University, Calcutta. Since 1999, he is associated with SEAL Ashram. He is a man born for social service.

His dedication and hard working is the strength of SEAL Ashram. His day starts with SEAL and end with SEAL. He has no other life other than SEAL.

He has a very good position in the society and is well known for his services towards the poor and needy.


Pastor Biju G. John is one of the Trustees in SEAL Ashram.

He has completed his studies from Kerala and taken his BTh degree from Serampur University, Calcutta.

He is currently serving the society as a Church Priest. He is also in to social service since last twelve years. His service towards society is commendable.


Mr. Sam Baby is one of the Trustees in SEAL Ashram. He has completed his studies from Kerala. He has also completed his IIT studies.

He is a business man since last twenty five years. He is in to Dyes business and serving the society through SEAL activities also.

He is a man who has good position in the society and is well known for his social services. Through SEAL he has wiped out tears of many and still continuing the same.


Mr. Samkutty Mammen son of late Mr. K.O. Mammen, after doing his Graduation, went to KSA, in 1993 in pursuit of a professional job, where he could serve in a reputed firm as a Marketing Executive and continued till 1994.

His hard work and commitment had elevated him to the position of General Manager of the aforesaid firm and continued to 2009. He is a very good co-ordinator and a social worker. His services towards society and SEAL is always commendable.